Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As I have said in a previous post here in southern Mb we have the largest Raptor Migration in the world, and as luck would have it the flyway is right past my property.

It is truly a wonderful site to see thousands of Eagles take the trip north to nest, the last ones to come stay for the summer and nest not far from my house in a huge old poplar tree, sadly one of these years the nest will fall as it is getting absolutely massive as they build on the old nest each year. I would think that I could heat my house for several weeks with the wood they have amassed IN that nest. it is absolutely amazing the size of timber they can carry up to make their nests.Hope it last through the season.

However this post is not about Eagles but rather some other friends that I have made while living on top of the valley. Namely the Turkey Vultures whom I have come to call the Crypt Keepers. As I have stated earlier every year they make their appearance between the 1st and the 5th of May. Always seven I am convinced that they are bachelors as there are never more in fall, but when they arrive they always soar over my house for a few days as if just to say Hi Bud how you been,and then I call out to them and wave then they tip their wing as if a gentle salute for the welcome back. Their names are Herman, Eddie ,Grandpa,Uncle Festus, as well there is Edgar , Allen and Poe.

I think they are attracted to me as my head is as bald as theirs, but it might have something to do with the fact that I also bring home road kill deer from time to time, and lay it out on my front lawn for them to feed on,and for me to watch,It's a win win.
Contrary to popular believe Vultures do not like rotten meat,and they like it relatively fresh. Slightly tender but not rotten.It really is funny to see them gorge themselves to the point that they can't fly just hop around on my lawn till they take a big Crap then all is well. except for the clean up,(that would be my job)but no big deal. They can clean up an entire Large deer carcase in one day, nothing but bones to bury(that would also be my job)btw.
Sometimes they sit on the peak of my house as it gives them a great view as well as a great take off point. Now to the point of this post.

A few years ago I had a Lady friend over for the weekend. Now as it happens my place is a clothing not allowed in the summer time place so we were out side catching some rays in our birthday suits on the lawn belting back a few . I just happened to look back towards the house and saw Three of my friends Sitting on the peak of the house watching us. Not sure which ones they were as they all look pretty much alike,but it matters not. Anyway I just mentioned to my friend that she should slowly turn around and look at the peak of the house. This she did, Then she said Fuck you've got Vultures sitting on the roof of your house. To which I replied yeah it's neat isn't it. Then she says well yeah But doesn't it say something about the Weirdo that lives here?

To this I did not have an answer.Sadly we are no longer together as she had a great bod, but no love for my friends they just gave her the creeps, and as anyone who doesn't like my friends can go as I told her as I gave her a vibrator as a parting gift to go fuck herself. My aren't I fickle, well not really,
But the way I see it no piece of ass is worth my friends who come to visit even when they don't have to, even if it's just to say Hi.
A piece of ass is Cum and gone friends stay.
Nuff said.

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