Friday, November 14, 2008

This is from last Spring as I didn't feel like writing today

Oh My Deer Me
Oh well spring has sprung and it’s time for some Mushy posts.

I just finished a walkabout around the top ten acres of my land that is the land around my house, and it seems that my immediate family has increased by about 40 members although this figure may rise as I get to know about late arrivals.

Due to good feeding and a fairly decent winter most of my Doe’s have thrown twins and even triplets this year whoopee. Now I have more of the buggers to take care of, Oh well at least I have lots of alfalfa to feed them, but when they come to the door and knock with their hoofs at breakfast time it gets to be a little much as I don’t get up as early as the deer do,(inconsiderate assholes).

I know what your thinking That it’s my fault for teaching them to come to the door, well to that I say Pfffft as I tried to teach them to come after I was awake, but the buggers are just slow on the uptake at times. I think I will have to enroll them in the idiots class for the summer. What’s more I have to keep going outside to wipe off the wet spots they keep leaving on my living room windows and my door with their noses checking to see if I’m awake. Going to have to make a trip into town to by a case of Windex soon. And what do I get from these acts of kindness that I bestow upon these hapless creatures of my forest? Nuthin I tell you Nuthin , unless friendship is something to have, from creatures who owe me nothing at all, I guess that’s enough to be able to walk up to a Doe and be given the permission to coddle and pet her fawn, without any angst on her part. Yeah that’s enough .

As well the birds are all coming back saw a Robin today, as soon as all of the snow melts the lawn will be awash with red breast picking at whatever they pick at during this time of year as the ground is still frozen and the worms haven’t yet come out, then they will all disappear as they don’t like to nest in the forest prefer instead to nest in town Stupid birds. As said in a previous Mushy post by weeks end the greatest raptor migration on the planet will start, with Eagles , Hawks of all kinds, Kestrels, Sharp shinned , Red tailed ,Coopers, Harriers, and many more.

Then of course come the birders all with binoculars hung about their scrawny necks and glued to their buggy eye’s. Seems that they all think that MY PRIVATE property can be invaded at this time of the year just because MY lawn MY front yard has the very best view of MY valley. I say Fuck em as I like my privacy. That’s why I live where I do, go figure.

And then with the questions I get like aren’t you lonely out here all by yourself? My answer is always the same well I wasn’t till you birders showed up.

Also seems that a rather large population of Grey squirrels have moved into the vicinity they will be asked to vacate the premises post haste, as they will give my chipmunks a hard time, and I can’t have that, ChipnDale&Co. are some of my bestest buds out here.

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