Monday, March 2, 2009

the Richard Simmons Special.

Now I gotta ask Yuh,  What could there possibly be that is fattening about this meal?

last Saterday I made this ultra low cal dinner for Skye, cuz like I really care yuh know, and guess what she says "Oh My God that is going to make me sooo fat". Then I told her " bit late to get fat Dear"

And then the fight started, I don't remember much after that.


Penny said...

you said what to skye?

Look if I have said it once, I have said it 10 times, skye how does she do it?

It is clear silverfish is insufferable.


Skye said...

I have the patience of a saint Penny. For some reason though Silv always says that the reason I never became a doctor was that I have no patients. I don't quite get that*winky smiley thingy*

Anyway, as for that meal being low cal, well if you take into account that the asparagus and brocolli were steamed that's low cal, but then put on the plate they were drowned in butter. The mushrooms, well they were broiled in butter. The steak too was cooked in butter and there was melted butter beside each of our plates with a candle underneath to keep it warm and melted for dipping our lobster in. Now tell me, what is low cal about a meal like that?

As to my getting fat, well since I've put on upwards of 40 lbs since Silv and I got together, he thinks I'm getting fat. Do you realize that I now weigh in at 135 lbs?

(in private he tells me how much better I look for it, but shhhhh don't tell him I told you, k?)*whispered real quiet like so Silv doesn't overhear*

My confirm word is "Bicker" go

nobody said...

Bloody imperial measures! 135 lbs? What the hell is that? What's that in hundredweights? Is it more than a furlong? And what the hell is avoirdupois? Hey? Hey?

Otherwise Silv, in continuing to post these pix you show exactly how cruel you are. Cruel. Look at that bloody steak. It's insane.

the Silverfish said...

Nobody, for yer info 135 pounds = Chubby Bunny, Skyes only 1 meter tall yuh must understand.

As far as the cooking pics goes all I can say is Hardee Har Har, or in the imortal words of Skye " I came, I saw, I ate" belch.

nobody said...

I just did the conversion. 135lbs = 2.4 tons.

Good God! You should get that woman to an emergency ward directly. Ideally it'll have a reinforced floor. Get the ambulance officers to call ahead.

the Silverfish said...

Yep Nobody but those are short tons as Skye is somewhat vertically challenged. So no worries.

Skye said...

OMG you guys crack me up! This is utterly hilarious, I love it! To top it off, my confirm word for this comment is "bacon", absolutely perfect!

I wish I could put a rolling on the floor laughing icon here simply because I damn near hit the floor I laughed so hard reading these comments.

Thank you for making me laugh so hard!

Penny said...

So whatcha cookin' now silv?

the Silverfish said...

Well with Skye's waistline going to pot as it were, I've been forced to lighten up on the cooking of late. Yep nothing but bland low cal fer skye from now on.

Skye said...

Speak for yourself you Rotund Tuton (or however you spell it)!

My verification word is "meaness". Somehow it seems somewhat appropriate here, after all, you appear to be the epitome of Mean with your comments about me, Silv. Good thing I know they're all said in love and that you and I both have an incredibly good, albeit warped sense of humor :D

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