Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Canada plays Follow the Leader

                                  It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words

                                              Kinda makes Yuh proud now don't it?


Penny said...

you had to go and get all political now didn't you??
Proud? NO.

the Silverfish said...

I'm sorry and it won't happen no more, it's just that this last lttle move by Canada was just a bit much. And pride, not much as that hit the shitcan years ago, I used to think that Canada was truely an island of calm on an otherwise stormy sea but alas I find now that our hands are just as dirty. It is sad.

Skye said...

Knowing you, Silv, the "it won't happen no more" means it won't happen no less either! No worries, I like this pic and the ones you had up before as well. Pics do indeed say a thousand words!

john said...

I take it that it's not the ' B.C. couple caught having sex in dumpster' story your talking about here?

I was watching a long version of the Montebello footage the other day and thought that the nice straight looking crowd behaved wonderfully, they should make you feel a bit proud. Maybe there's hope for us all yet.

nobody said...

Why is the skeleton made of chrome?

the Silverfish said...

Mate I was just feeling a bit flash when I put it together and I didn't have a shit script installed. So chrome it was to be allthough slimy shit would have been more to the point. Oh wait I did have a shit script, used it to put Harper in the pic.

the Silverfish said...

No not the BC couple John. More like Asswipe meets Asshole a marrige made in the Promised Land.

Penny said...

ya know silv, I just realized nobody has you listed as an oddbody, what is he implying about you??

Is he saying your odd?
your body is odd?
or is he saying your blog and writing are odd??
I mean that nobody, who is he really to call anyone an odd body or a somebody, when he is a nobody, a nothing, a non existent???
I don't know about him silv, between you and me, wink wink nudge nudge.

Ah just stirring the pot a bit and all in fun silv,all in fun.
Our kiddo is home visiting so we are hanging out, eating too much, and talking, visiting, blah, blah, blah, but it is nice, and I am always happy when the brat comes back.
( that is my take on the cat came back -fred penner song)
btw- that was the brats first concert, oh yeah!
Hi to skye and bye for now!

nobody said...

Oh hello, now I get the oddbody comment. I did shuffle the front page and I split the people I'm linking to into a heavy group and a... um... 'not so heavy' group. The heavy group is people who look stuff up, kind of thing. The oddbodies are nice folks who like to hang out, ha ha.

And yes I know that it's weird that Pen got into the heavy group. Perhaps she's really an oddbody? Are you an oddbody Pen? Anyway you're there now and inertia rules.

nobody said...

Wait a minute. Now I'm confused. Did you do the 3D for this Silv? I was thinking you'd pinched it. But it's yours. Is it?

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