Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring and new lives

                                   Red Tailed Hawk  and lunch down at the snake pit.

 People wonder why they never see the things that I do, fact is that most just don't look.

We've had a few new ones drop by this year, all are welcome and greeted with joy and wonder. 


Penny said...

OMG, I love all the pics, love them all!!!
I see that owl.
and the baby piggies???
adorable, all of them!

john said...

Wow Silverfish what an amazing hawk! and it looks like a really nice place too with those lovely rocks and all. The owl has a great camouflage there, I really like owls and we can often hear them at night out the back here. What is the name of the animals in the third photo, they look like boars of some sort but do they have a more specific or local name? Hope your enjoying and getting the hang of the digital. cheers.

Skye said...

I love how well camouflaged the owl is in your second pic! That is absolutely amazing :)

nina said...

These are great! Very nice work. I take it you don't have dogs, which is why I'm missing the spring babies this year.
Are those little wild piglets?

the Silverfish said...

sadly Penn the so called little piggies will if left to their own devices turn into what would be your worst nightmare if you came up on them in the bush, they are after all wild boar.
The wild boar were released into the bush some years ago by some fools who thought it might be sporting to hunt them and it turns out that they do quite well on their own and have now become a real threat.
These cute little fellas will grow up into 1000 pounds of MEAN with a mouth full of steak knives and they will kill and eat you without a seconds thought. Personaly I have a problem with ending up inside of a pig, seems to me that it should be the other way around.

The unofficial rule around here is that these fellas are to be shot on sight with no questions asked, but yes they are cute when they are smallbut damn they do get big and the damage that they do with their rooting an all. But luckily Great Danes were bred tp hunt and kill wild boar so no worries here.

the Silverfish said...

Yes John they do have a local term for these fellas when they get older and it's"Holy Shit Run" or at least words to that effect.

the Silverfish said...

What in the world would make you think that I don't have dogs Nina?

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