Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Epitaph

I think they will remember this as the age of Lamentations.
The age of broken minds and broken souls.

The age of hurt creatures sobbing out their sorrow to the rhythms of the blues.
The music of lost desolation's has become the music of the world.
The age of the failure of splendid things.
The age of the deformity of splendid things.
The age of old young men and bitter children.

The age of treachery and of a great new faith.

The age of Madness and of Machines Of broken bodies and fear twisted hearts.
The age of a frenzied fumbling and possessive lusts.

And yet deep down, an age unsatisfied with dirt and guns.

An age although choked by the selfishness of the few,who owned their bodies and their souls,struggled blindly to the very end.

And in their time, reached out magnificently,
Even for the very Stars themselves.

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