Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's in a Name

I come upon the people like a shadow
and I sit down by each man's side.

None can see me but they look at one another
and they know that I am there.

My silence is like the silence of the tide
that steals the lives of young children.

Like the deepning of the frost on the long cold night
when birds are found dead in the morning.

Army's invade ,trample and destroy,
with guns roaring from earth and air.

I am more terrible than army's
I am more feared than cannon.

Kings and princes issue commands
give no commands to any.

And yet I am listened to more than Kings,
and more than passionate orators.
I unswear words and I undo deeds.
Naked things know me.

I am the first and the last to be felt of the living.
For you see My name is HUNGER

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