Friday, May 23, 2008

The only Trouble with a Kitten is that Ultimatly it becomes a Cat

Cats, Cats, Cats.
Cats are nobodies servants,
they are not even pets in the excepted sense.
But rather Quests mystics and familiars,
doing what they wish when they please
Dogs who serve us and try to win our hearts,
are naive intellectual dwarfs by comparison
For you see cats remember a time when
they lolled in the sun, while our lot shivered in caves.
Now they chatter their teeth at birds,
and they quite joyfully murder mice.
And yet there is something profoundly disturbing about them.
I'm sure it's a superiority complex.
For now on lazy Autumn afternoons,
they drift across the mind like shadows,
and then they stamp the air with a whiff of brimstone.

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