Sunday, February 8, 2009

She haz vays of making zim fit or a dinner for two lovers

Yeppers all of the tools needed, Mallet,  exacto knife , paint makers and above all BEER. There she sits while I'm bustin my ass in the kitchen. Seems a mans/maids work is never done.
The main coarse Large fresh water Shrimp, deep fried.
Peanut oil,sesame seed oill,fresh ginger,garlic, broccoli, and cauliflower
Add med west cost shrimp cuz they the best
Add the rice Serve it up. Yummy.


Skye said...

Geez man, of course I have to make them fit. How else am I going to get this puzzle done? I've done it before, but nothing wants to come together now!

As for you slaving over the stove, Mr. Man Slave, what is wrong with that? The kid takes out the garbage and takes care of the dogs. She even does all the sweeping and most of the laundry. Why on earth shouldn't I enjoy the good life while you guys work your buns off for me?

After all, I'm the one who does the shopping so you have such good ingredients to cook with. That's a job in and of itself, ya know!

the Silverfish said...

Yuh only love me cuz I'm your kitchen slut. And no I won't do windows cuz like I'm on a Mac. Hardee harr harr.

Skye said...

"cuz I'm your kitchen slut"

Yep you are that, and don't you fergit it, Bubbalouis! *said in my best Quick Draw Mcgraw imitation*

nobody said...

Oh you kids!

And in amongst all that banter, I hope someone remembered to eat that damn food.

Ah, such fond memories of Asian food...

It used to be pretty much all I cooked. But since the old man doesn't like rice and scrapes it into the bin if I make it, I pretty much quit. Never mind! I can come here and have Silv remind me of what I'm missing. Swine. (winky smiley thing).

the Silverfish said...

South East Asian is almost exclusivly what I cook Mate. It's cheap and healty, oh and it's quick like a bunny to do.

Those woks that I use are two of perhaps ten that I have, they are 19" and cost me a wopping $16.00 each down in Chinatown.

The people in the grocery store down there in Chinatown always love to see us comming and always manage to sneak a package or two of frozen shrimp into the box of groceries while I'm paying.

We always get freebies there.

Penny said...

hey silv looks good, and skye lucky to have a kitchen "slut".

I think I missed commenting on the cat and dog one, which, btw, was really cute!

susana said...

it's always been my one and only aspiration to be a kitchen slut.
a genuine one of course, not a prentious good girl, yummy one.

the Silverfish said...

Susana being a kitchen slut is not all that it's cracked up to be. Esp. not when she (that would be Skye) makes me fix her brecky wearing nutin but a smile and a ribbon around my(wink). Damn I just wish she didn't like bacon Soooo much, it really stings.

Penny said...

wondering how silverfish is??
looking for a new post??

hoping you have a good reason for this tardiness??


the Silverfish said...

Not tardy Pen just hiding from unmaned drones.

Penny said...

don't worry your natural radiance will make it impossible to photograph you


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