Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ahh to be in SUNNY MANITOBA , Life and times at the Swallows Nest

                                                                 Coyotes kill deer

                         Odin and Tasha and whats left of the victom at the scene of the crime.

                                                                  They went thisa way. 

                                                  And off they go, before the trail gets COLD                                        If they need backup I'll send Thor, Apollo , Zeus and Lucifer

                                                      Lucky that it's only -32c outside.

So it's back tuh cooking just tuh keep warm Yuh understand.

Tonights supper, a low cal Shrimp and Steak snack, I cook the low cal way cuz like I really care about the LITTLE LADYS waist line. Or was that line wasted ?(snigger)


Skye said...

Silver, Silver, Silver, you nasty boy you! What pray tell do you know how to cook low cal? Not a damn thing I'd wager! You can't even make a low cal sandwich, what with the inch thick layer of butter for each slice of bread!

You never did tell me, how did Odin and Tasha do with the Coyotes? Did you end up having to send in the clowns? Oops, scratch that, meant hounds :D

nobody said...

Hey matey, that top photo is just spooky. The sky is missing! I almost expect to see a sign saying, 'Sky temporarily unavailable do to annual cleaning'.

And coyotes are bad? That's a shame. I always thought they were kind of cool. Mind you, I've never seen one.

the Silverfish said...

Ah mate coyotes are cool, they are part of the natural cycle I just don't like them killing my mates is all. So I send the dogs after them yuh know just to let them know where the line is to be drawn.

Funny thing is the little mutt in the pic, her name is Tasha and she will take on an entire pack of coyotes and send them packing. The little bitch was raised by Danes and is afraid of NOTHING. She's the meanest dog I have ever known.

Even the Danes give her a wide birth, although they could flatten her like a bug, it's respect you see.

Not only that but one don't fuck with someone who has five friends that weigh in at from bottom end 70 kilo to top end 100 kilo, no siree it just ain't a good idea, and she knows it.

the Silverfish said...

Oh and when I took the pic there was a storm blowing in from the valley. The next morn there were twelve foot snow banks on the yard and I was snowed in for three months.

Penny said...

I was wondering what kind of dog the big one was, but ok, that is answered.

do you still have snow?

cause we don't.


the Silverfish said...

Yep Penn we still have snow and will have at least till the middle of April. neener neener neener.

but hey yesterday Skye was out tanning neked as a jbird, +2c and she's out tanning. Go figure.

nobody said...

Go figure? It's not snow madness is it? And more to the point, was there any sun? Or was it still away for cleaning?

Anonymous said...

Oh they're dogs! and there was me thinking that they were deer. All that white stuff certainly looks like snow though and no mistakin.

Skye said...

No Nobody, not snow madness, cabin fever perhaps, but not madness. And yes there was sun, beautiful and bright it was too :D

Penny said...

skye, in a greenhouse I am hoping?

somehow there is a dr suess kind of line in that

tanning in the buff is a must, even though, freezing in the driving snow.

nobody said...

Ah yes, vitamin D.

Or as you put it - :D

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