Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just waiting for Spring

It's a nice place to sit and think of a world that could be, if only we were'nt so goddamn stupid. Do any of you have little places that you like to go, you know to be at one with the world?  places like that are important to keep ones sanity when the entire world is losing it's mind.

Many people wonder why I basically live the life of a hermit, Do you?


Penny said...

I have a place like that silv. You have seen bits of it posted in pictures on the blog.

It is a place , I can ride, walk, look for mushrooms, pick catnip, take pictures and generally be at one with the world.

It is my bit of sanity, so I understand exactly what you are talking about!

Penny said...

oh yeah and I can pick and eat lots of wild berries, yum, free of pesticides
strawberries, blackberries, raspberries

mmm , mmm, good.

nobody said...

Um, I have a balcony with a view of rich people's houses. And if I close the sliding doors the volume of Fox Sports is halved. Well, it's better than nothin'!

Penny said...

nobody: do you have the birds?

to see and feed?
If so , i would think you have your bit of sanity.

Your oasis in the chaos.

nobody said...

Okay I admit it. The birds keep me sane. Mind you, three of them are the commonest birds in Australia, the noisy minor, the bell magpie, and the rainbow lorikeet. If anything less common pops up the minors drive them off. And every now and then there are raptors. I keep my fingers crossed that they'll eat a noisy minor, but sadly they never do.

Skye said...

As you know Silv, your place is that place for me! Granted, if push comes to shove, I do have my backyard and all it's mini flowerbeds which help.

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