Friday, April 3, 2009

Some friends have returned, spring has sprung

The return of the eagles.


nobody said...

I saw this documentary about these Mongolian horsemen (hmm... think it was Mongolian - something like that anyway) and they didn't train hawks or falcons for their falconry, they trained eagles. And eagles make falcons look weeny. There was a shot of this horseman charging across the snow towards the camera, all in slo-mo, with this goddamn eagle on his arm and it was unbelieveable. The bird was huge and when he popped his wingspan it was going on three metres.

I wonder if it's on youtube?

the Silverfish said...

Yes they are Huge, with a wingspan of some 2.5 meters and a weight of perhaps 48 kilo it certainly makes for a large bird. But it's the eyes, my god what eyes. They can spot a mouse at a range of 2.5 kilometers.

Oh yeah they kill cats, the life expectancy of the typical farm cat out here is one trip off of the farm yard, yuh know to go hunting field mice. Cat leaves yard, Eagles see' cat, cat is dead and Bird gets to eat pussy. There's a certain irony there,(hardee harr har)

But it's the way they kill that impresses me the most, the beak never comes into play during the kill. It's all done with brute force and the talons which are simply huge I mean like really long and sharper than you can imagine. On impact the preys back is broken and even if it wasn't it's still a done deal as the talons pierce the lungs. It's all very quick indeed.

Even a full grown human would stand no chance of surviving a full blown attack by an adult Golden Eagle.

Up here at the nest I have seen them bring down yearling deer, impressive when I think back on the shit kicking I recieved from a deer.

No siree not a bird that I want to piss off cause like I've heard they eat swallows as well.

Skye said...

Ah yes, the return of the Eagles! They certainly are a site worth seeing, and deserving of our respect.

Now I just need to wait for your Crypt Keepers to come back. I do so enjoy lying on your front yard and watching them enjoying the thermals!

Penny said...

yeah, the spring friends are back, now silv does it give you hope that winter is almost at an end?

You heard they eat swallows?

hardee har har

nobody said...

Cool. And a human couldn't take on an eagle? Bruce Lee could! Oh wait, he's dead. Never mind.

Actually now that I think about it, given the mystery surrounding his death, I wonder if it wasn't an eagle?

Otherwise think of the skeletal and muscular set-up that can withstand striking a creature with enough force to break its back. Well, I'm impressed anyway.

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