Monday, April 6, 2009

Do with this as you will

Now I don't like to get all that political in this blog for reasons that will remain obscure.  However  I do live but 1068 meters from the US border, so like I said do with this as you will.


nobody said...

I'd shoot it. We are talking metaphorically aren't we?

the Silverfish said...

Yes I certainly hope that we are.

Penny said...

certainly not that you can see America saving the world?

More like destroying the world, shredding it in talons and all that.


hey my word is bedeara
change it around
be a dear.

Silv, be a dear would ya?

nobody said...

Silv, be a dear? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... oh dear.

Sorry, I lost the plot there somewhat...

Penny said...

Oh come on silv, behind that tough exterior lies a heart of gold.

I know it, you can't deny it.

Who do you think your foolin'?

the Silverfish said...

I deny I deny I deny, I'm nothing but a mean ole troll who eats babys for breakfast.
An as fer me heart of gold, you'll never see it cuz like I gots it locked up in a vault, Heh Heh Heh.

Oh yeah for a chuckle I juz love to sit in my rocking chair in a room full of long tailed cats, Ha.

Penny said...

picture "eyes rolling"

Skye said...

Oh Silv, you do have a heart of gold, and you are a dear, at least to a select few.

As for your pic, I can't seem to put any political conotation to it. No matter what, looking at it, I see a magikal new beginning.

Penny said...

hah, skye speaks the truth silv, you are outed! You have aHeart of Gold

the Silverfish said...

OUTED? OUTED?You say. I do so hate it when that happens. Just thinking about it makes me want to go out and run down some old lady pushing a shopping cart.

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