Monday, April 13, 2009

Some of my friends ain't so smart

Yuh know at this time of the year these ditzes would sooner fight than fuck, go figure. People often say that turkeys aren't to bright, well their right their not very bright. Downright stupid really.

However it's quite a pleasantl sound to wake up to when their gobble gobble gobble fills the valley. I've had some interesting times with these brainless members of the Swallow's Nest inc. some pleasant, some not so much.  Some shouldn't have happened to a dog, what am I saying they did happen to a dog, several as a matter of fact and me as well. Turkeys are evil creatures and can't be trusted.

I truley believe that the turkey should be the American national bird instead of the noble Eagle.

Yes a true symbol of America, as brainless as GWBush and about as useless as the One Big Assed Mistake America, Obama.

Perhaps I'm being to hard on my fine feathered friends that share my world with me, lets face it even these birds that if intellect were coin they wouldn't have enough to by a stick of gum between them could do a better job of running a country than whats in charge now.


Penny said...

I think you are insulting the turkeys.

They are entertaining, gobble gobble, a little fierce, and can provide food if necessary.

Obama and Bush.

Are not entertaining in a pleasant fashion, not fierce, simply foolish.

Hmm., I guess they could provide food if necessary ;)

but it would be foul eating, not fowl eating ;) ;)

Skye said...

I'll have to agree with Penny on this one Babes, how can one argue with logic like that!?!

nobody said...

Bugger! Penny beat me to all the good puns!

Yup, I'd eat me one of them critters. In fact the word verification is giving recipe tips. I'm not making this up - it says 'kebab'. Sounds good to me.

the Silverfish said...

Never eaten one meself, I've heard that they is good eating but as far as I'm concearned they is just too damn stupid to taste any good.

They are fun to watch though, but when 20 pounds of turkey lands on my bird feeders well then not so much fun. Or when they roost on my deck railing for the night without telling me that they are there, also not fun when I get up in the middle of the night and go out for a slash. There are simply no words to discribe the feeling.

nobody said...

Mate! Great idea! Just put a bit of that electrified fencing on your deck railing and it will deter the turkeys and you can pee away safe in the knowledge that nothing bad could happen at all. This is a brilliant idea and you should definitely do it and then come back here and tell us how it went. We all look forward to one of your brilliant stories of how, um, you were fine and completely uninjured.

With your best interests at heart (and no mischief or anything, I swear to God),


PS My word verification is 'omiporzaptwili'. Meaningless, obviously. Pay no attention.

the Silverfish said...

Ah so you wish to hear the tale of a man, a flock of not so phantom birds, three dogs, two very large, one not so much and the dark?

It tis a sad tale, a very sad tale indeed.

Mans best friend, protector of hearth and home. Sometimes it's not all that it's cracked up to be.
Ahh life in the wilds of Manitoba.

Penny said...

oh yeah, and nobodies suggestion..
sounds good, perhaps you may want to take his advice




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