Friday, May 1, 2009

And the Truth will set You FREE.

These things are like really important to know.


nobody said...

Four questions -

Should I wear gloves?
Is it bad if I get then on my skin?
Do you need a respirator?
And what sort of fire extinguisher should you use with them?

the Silverfish said...

Yes yes yes, and not only work gloves but Work clothes as well as work boots.(note word WORK here). Also a Love glove is a must when handling a new hazmet specimen for the first few times, after awhile not so much.

Fire extinguishers should be of the old fashioned pump up kind, as the new battery operated variety offer nawt but temporary suppression from pent up internal flammability of said Hazmet Material.

And as for respirators, these should be applied to the aforementioned Hazmet only in the case where the male has been in contact with another Hazmet. Perfumes a killer don’tcha know.

Skin contact should never be avoided, except in cases of extreme cold, then money, diamonds and wine should be liberally applied until the frigid phase of the reaction has passed.

Hope this helps, and in the words of the greatest Canadian philosopher R.G "Remember I’m pulling fer Yuh, we’re all in this together" and “if women can’t find yuh handsome they should at least find Yuh handy”.

Skye said...

I love it! That is just too perfect :D

nobody said...

Ha! My laugh of the day!

I make a pretty decent straight man don't I?

Penny said...

good god, you make women out to be awful, just awful!

where would men be without women???

I tell you where, huddled in caves, with just each other for company and stinkin' to high heavens, probably comparing body odours - that's where!

the Silverfish said...

naw Pen not caves, we'd be sittin in Bars just wouldn't be watchin the strippers is all. Other than that it would all be good.

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