Sunday, May 3, 2009

The other side of Dubai

I was wondering the other day "what’s the point of building this desert empire" I mean excess can only go so far and this is so far over the top. Just think of it a city that is built to fail on so many levels, built to fail, that is unless one simply dose not care what the cost of maintaining this temple might cost in turns of human suffering. A city built on sand by slave labor, a city built to be a virtual playground for the insanely wealthy, a city almost hermetically sealed off from the rest of the world. 

If at some time in the near future a relatively small group wished to rule the world, would they not need a base of operations from which to rule it with? A base of operations where all excesses and wants would be dealt with no regard as to the cost. Would it also not be necessary to reduce the rest of the world to a state of virtual serfdom before this kingdom could be fully implemented? 

Think about it, By the contrivance of a small group, America, Canada, Europe, and Russia are in tatters and the rest of the world is soon to follow. Africa is of course a complete disaster and a large portion of the Middle East will soon be destroyed. Oh sure the oil will continue to flow and the land wealth of the servant nations will still be there, mined and pumped by the native slave labor but for whom, and where will the wealth go? I happen to think that it will go to Dubai.

What better way to acquire a palace nation than to dupe a pawn into building for you that which you require, at no cost to you I might add. When the shit hits the fan all one has to do is move in, the slave labor would already be in place and those who built your castle empire in the sand could simply be bought with official title and a promise of God, and if they didn’t like that they could just as easily be done away with, I mean who would or could stop you from doing anything that you desired. The laws after all would be your own.

Just some thoughts,take a look at the painting(it's clickable) and let me know what you think.


Penny said...

Interesting, but I had never thought of that scenario previously.

the Silverfish said...

Penny it's just a thought that has been rattling around my head for quite awhile.

nobody said...

Well if it ain't there it's somewhere.

Mind you, if I was king of the world I'd want to live in a place with a nice view. Like Lago di Como or Cinque Terra or something. Mind you, given that Jews aren't actually from anywhere, and have no connection to any particular place, nor to the concept of 'place' as most of us understand it, perhaps they aren't interested in a view of whatever place it is that they're in and not from (if you can dig it). Perhaps the only view they need is of themselves?

So! Why not Dubai!

PS Right now there's five one-day cricket games being played between Australia and Pakistan in Dubai, who absurdly, what with Arabs not playing cricket, have a huge cricket stadium. Apparently Pakistan is too dangerous what with terrorists and all. Subsequently they head to a country three time zones from Pakistan and eight from Australia. Like that makes a lick of sense. And no one seems to think that any of this is odd or remarkable or any other thing. Go figure.

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