Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just a small snack for Skye

Made these Blackened BBQ Honey garlic and Ginger Ribs and Wings last night and if yuh don't mind sticky fingers they made fer some pretty good eats. I was just over at Johns place and it reminded me to start picking Wood Sorrel and Fiddle Heads for soup and greens. Yeppers next it will be Wood Sorrel soup, Steak, baked Potato with Fiddle Heads for greens, Damn


Penny said...

just a small snack for skye, eh?

and you weren't going to eat any of these yourself?????

truly I hope she ate em all, and didn't share.

speaking of wild eating, ate lots of wild asparagus, mostly raw, some cooked.

a new thing we tried, stinging nettle!

Yup, it is edible, not bad tasting, similar to spinach except a little nuttier in taste, highly nutritious and good.
Made it into a pasta with cream sauce, yummmy.

the Silverfish said...

Of course stinging nettle is edible and it make s a fabulous soup.Not only that but used fresh and rubbed on the skin it takes your mind off of those pesky skitter bites. Just a all around good weed.

Skye said...

Yeah yeah yeah Silv, like you didn't have any of that for supper last night, nor for a midnight snack. And what about your snack this afternoon, hmmmm? Didn't have any ribs then, either, did you? Good thing I had a healthy helping of seconds last night, huh!?!

the Silverfish said...

supper last night, nor for a midnight snack. And what about your snack this afternoon??????
WTF's all this bullshit? sure I cooked it but you wouldn't let me have any not even a little bit, mentioned something about so much as touching it wouldn't be good for my health, like it could lead to high cholesterol and broken fingers and such. Bet it tasted real good though huh yuh pig.

Skye said...

I seem to recall having bought a lot more wings than what ended up on the plate. Something tells me that the cook was snacking whilst cooking again, hmmmm? I know, I know, you'll deny it, or blame it on the dogs, but we all know better, don't we Penny?

Penny said...

oh yes skye, we do!!!

Penny said...

stinging nettle soup eh?
got a recipe per chance?

the Silverfish said...

Penn there are litteraly hundreds of concoctions for nettle soup but this is one that I really like.

* 3 Tablespoons butter or olive oil, I use a mix
* 2 shallots, minced
* 2 garlic cloves, minced
* 1 cup chopped baby garlic greens or scallions
* 1/4 cup dry sherry
* 1/2 pound wild nettle tops
* 1 quart water or broth
* Salt and Pepper
* 1 cup greek yogurt, crème fraiche, sweet cream, or half and half
* 2 Tablesoons fresh parsley
* 1 handful fresh baby spinach


1. Sauté shallots, garlic, and garlic greens in butter or olive oil. Add sherry and nettles.
2. Add water and bring to a boil.
3. Cover and simmer until the nettles are very soft, about 8-10 minutes. Add spinach.
4. Add salt and pepper to taste, add yogurt or cream, and puree using an immersion blender.
5. Add fresh parsley and serve with more yogurt and chopped garlic greens.

Penny said...

dammit, skye and I need a new snack!!!

fix something up for us please, something appealing to the eye and the palette.

thanks silv

the Silverfish said...

Nag nag Nag, Ok I may feel like cooking up something neat on Saterday stay tuned.

Penny said...

nag, nag, nag?

why you!!

while I may not get to eat this food, I want something new to look at and think yum about.

and skye wants something different here!

now you are to imagine me hitting my utensils on the table, chanting food, food, food, food, foood!!!

the Silverfish said...

Okie dokie it's a dunner, Alaska king Crab and Steak with drawn butter and some vedgies. Hows that grab yuh Penn? Oh yeah and some Goot wine.

And fer next week it's Pembina river Crawfish steamed to perfection.

Penny said...

well that sounds all good to me.
Now make sure that you share with skye, so I can get some unbiased opinions on the meal.

Since if you are cooking, everything will be great!
Cause that is what men always say when they cook, oh yeah, this is great!
and it isn't always.

and picture of course as presentation is important.

I have never had crawfish, though I imagine they are quite like shrimp.

anyway.....all sounds good!
hey my word
Silv, stop dissin' me!

lol, crazy words sometimes.

Skye said...

No worries Penny, Silv is an awesome cook! I think there has only been 2 times when I didn't like what he cooked for me. The one was Schnitzel, I don't like my meat pounded to a pulp and then breaded, nope, not for me. The other was liver. No one, not even Silv, can make liver taste good!

My confirm word for this comment is abledness, yep, Silv is definitely able to make pretty much anything taste decadent :)

Penny said...

liver, the word makes me wanna puke, just the word!
Yuk, tried to eat it when I was pregnant,once, never again.

the grossest texture and taste.

I like food, and will try lots of different stuff, I especially love Thai, and good Italian food.

or headcheese, disgusting

the Silverfish said...

Pen,Liver is for Lovers, regular consuption of Liver improves your sex life.
Skye won't eat Liver, go figure.

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