Friday, June 26, 2009

Whoo Hoo

What can I sayPenny? Alaska King Crab and Angus Sirloin Baked potato heaped with sour cream , fresh made bacon bits and fresh chives, Mushrooms ,steamed broc and fresh baked French bread toasted with Garlic Butter and Chives, nothing like a meal built from scratch. For those who have never tried Alaska King Crab, go out and buy some, cook it up and live a little, you only live once.

Funny how some people can't understand why we never go out to restaurant to eat, like what would be the point? Whats even funnier is the fact that the little woman cooks in the best restaurant south of Winnipeg but for a really good meal she comes home. Go figure.

And get this last night the little woman said that I was cruel to force her to eat this way on our aniversity. What is a man to do?


Penny said...

well, well that all looks very delicious, skye, you lucky gal, lastnight we went to a pigroast, but had to leave as it was all so ovewhelming for me.

At home we reheated left-over pizza and chicken wings.

Skye will have to critique the whole meal for us, I will wait for her report!
But it does look good

Penny said...

oh yes, anniversary, almost forgot, happy, happy!!!

Is this so many years together, or something like that?

Skye said...

Ah Penny, our anniversary is actually June 12th but we decided to take advantage of this past Friday night, because the kid was going to an over-night birthday party. The anniversary in question is 4 years of being together :)

Now for the food!

I've never had crab before so Silv wanted to give me something special. My only suggestion for the meal was the garlic bread simply because I love the way he makes it so much.

The steak was cooked medium rare to perfection, just the way I love it! It was so juicy, tender and delicious, but I chose not to eat the whole thing so that I could enjoy the rest of it on Saturday in a cheese-steak sandwich. Besides, the second pic that Silv has up there was my plate of food, just a tad much for me for one sitting. I did however finish the mushrooms, garlic bread and crab legs :)

Oh my my my my my were those crab legs devine! Never in my life have I eaten a meal where all the foods were so well complimentary to each other! The brocolli was steamed to perfection, tender but still crunchy. The bread was just garlicky enough to be able to taste the garlic, but not so much that it over-powered any other flavor. The bacon bits and fresh cut chives enhanced the potato so perfectly as to make the flavor of the fresh squized lemon juice on the crab pop in your mouth.

Silv's putting the sauted mushrooms beside the steak instead of on top was a perfect choice as well. This way, I could decide for myself how much mushroom I wanted with each bite of steak, or to not have any with a bite. I do so have a problem with having to scrape mushrooms off my steak when I don't feel like having the two together!

All-in-all, the meal was perfect, even if it was a bit too much for one sitting. But that's fine, as like I said, I enjoyed the rest of my steak in a lovely cheese-steak sandwich after work yesterday.

Ah yes, the wine, I did choose that as well. I picked my favorite, Mouton Cadet, a nice full flavored dry red, that did a wonderful job of rounding out the meal!

And there you have it Penny, my critique of our anniversary dinner :)

the Silverfish said...

Oh shucks darn Grrl twernt nutin really. Yuh know haow much I love being yo kitchen slut.

Penny said...

congrats on 4 years of togetherness, and skye that meal sounded positively delicious!

I like my brocolli still crunchy also, just slightly, you can always tell by the colour of it, or at least I think so anyway.

overcooked brocolli is gross as are any overcooked veggies, especially asparagus.

i THINK that way too many people overcook veggies and that is why they are universally despised by children, cause the adults ruin them.

my hubby tells stories of his mom's cooking, not the best and everything mushy. and always peas, postatos, carrots and corn. of course he never wanted to eat it.

me, i was luckier that way I guess, with my background we ate lots of different foods, including dandelion salad, egg plants, zucchini, and so on and so on....

very good silv, and it looks tasty too.
but, you are soo lucky skye gave you such a glowing review, or I would have had to diss the whole picture thing ;)

john said...

Happy anniversary to you two.

We steam most veg here too otherwise most of the good stuff goes out in the water.

This looks tasty enough to tempt me to start eating meat again, but then again no, still it looks a really tasty meal.

Skye said...

It really was delicious John, and having left over a part of my steak was a good idea as well. It made a lovely hot grilled steak sandwich for lunch the next day after work!

Penny said...

hey silv glad to see you are stil about, thought you must be a busy fellow!

I was just over at skye's, but, hell, hey skye!!!

Penny said...

hello silv, hope all is well, thought I would just drop in and say HI

Penny said...

could you cook another meal now for skye, she is hungry I am sure of that, are you starving her?

skye? skye?

lol ;)

I check in looking for a new post.....

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