Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well it's a winter wonderland alright.

Lots of good fodder for my deer.

Even my dog Lucifer is thinkin"Yep it has indeed frozen over"

But the question I ask is "who the hell is going to shovel all this shit"?

However that being said, it's time for all good little Wiccans to celebrate the Yuletide and be thankful for the time of year, party hearty and just kick back for a bit.

 Just part of the Yule Tide  feast, I do so hope my guests enjoy it.


john said...

Hey nice to see you back at it Silverfish, it looks well cold there in your lovely photos. We had a bit of confusion with the druids turning up at Stonehenge to celebrate the solstice on the wrong day possibly. As far as I remember the sun stays at the same level for about three days in the winter.

All the best and hope you have a good one


Penny said...

when it snows
ain't it thrilling
though your nose
get's a chillin

hey silv, great photos!

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