Friday, January 1, 2010

To lazy to put in a post, so just a pic of my going out of doors corner. People who don't get snowed in for the winter just don't know what their missing. Out here no matter what one does or where one goes outside part of this corner goes with them.


john said...

Plenty of clobber there Silverfish, it sounds as though you would need to wrap up well with the temperatures that you're getting there and making good use of some spare antlers I see. Will write again soon.

Penny said...

I have a part of my house that looks somewhat like that, no snowshoes, but boots, mitts coats, scarves....
the walking poles are in the trunk of the car.
walking in a winter wonderland

Penny said...

Hey silv, just checkin' in on you and the family, skye and all.
snowed in?

keepin' warm and cozy I hope?

we are in a mild spell, just above freezing, yes above freezing, and almost all the snow is melted.
I wore my running shoes today.

the Silverfish said...

Well Penn, the weather has been incredible mild here as well for the last week or so, like it's been above freezing here as well. However this weekend we are now getting blasted with a Colorado low which could dump about three foot of snow on us by Sunday night and then YES we will be snowed in fer sure. It ain't easy having a driveway thats 1'2 mile long, care to drop by for lunch? but remember to bring yer shovel and snow shoes.

Penny said...

hey like your new picture!

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