Friday, February 12, 2010

Just some pics of a winters walk with the kid

At the trout pond, some 500 meters downhill from the nest 

And Lucifer my lead guard dog, 150 pounds of snap ass mean but he knows his way around the bush.
It's a long slide if you make just one mistake here.

Taken at two am during the last full moon.


john said...

Nice one Silverfish. Some lovely photos there, I particularly like the second to last one, the snow does some interesting things to the trees.

I didn't realize that it would be so light out at two in the morning where you are. I was out on the night of the last full moon too. Above the eastern hill we had the Moon rising close to Mars and on the western hill we had Venus setting a nice clear demonstration of the planets at work.

Penny said...

Hey silv!

need a hand shovelling?!

they are wonderful pics really.
One thing I like about the snow is the way it sparkles.

In the first picture, the way the snow has formed. A deceiving sort of drift, isn't it?
How far below is the hill side?

And who is that beautiful young gal gracing the scenery? Is that skye's girl?

She is as cute as a button.

the Silverfish said...

Hey John, yes with the fresh snow and at the altitude that we are at being the second highest spot in Manitoba by a mere 175 feet the moon gets very bright. Most clear full moon nights it's quite easy to read a news paper outside at midnight, depending on the time of year of course.

the Silverfish said...

G'day Penn, yes that is Skye's brat and as far as cute as a button well that would depend very much on my mood and what it was that she did to put me in that mood.
Not quite sure what you mean about the how far below the hillside. The curl you see as well as all of the other pics is right on top of the valley about 100 meters east of the house, the depth of the snow sticking out from the edge of the escarpment is about 30 feet so it's really not a good idea to venture out to far as the slope is some 200 meters below at a 30 degree incline. It makes for a great slide and thankfully there are plenty of big oaks to slow you down before you hit bottom.

I normally throw the kid over the edge first, Yuh know just to check for the potential of avalanches.

tattytiara said...

Woah. Pretty dramatic stuff. Very cool.

the Silverfish said...

Thanks tattytiara we like to think that it's cool but most of the time it's just plain cold.

Minka said...

I wish I could take pics like these! They're great! Thanks for a nice winter walk...

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