Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just some frost by moonlight

The limb on this oak was over a foot thick but still no match for the unrelenting weight of the snow.

Another huge oak roughed down and buried by an avalanche.

                                      Wild Turkey tracks , I wonder where they might lead.        

Lucifer thinks that it might be the home of the legendary Sasquach . I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was just the light from a hand torch that I had hung on a line and then swung over the edge and into this snow cave to get this rather eerie shot.

and some early in the morning.

One could almost imagine a white Unicorn standing below this great oak and grazing on ice crystals. 

Here at night after the frost has formed it's like  a magic world covered in jewels. Sometimes on walks in the moonlight on dead calm nights like these I really don't want it to end.

Not much to take pictures of around here cept SNOW. I have never seen a winter with so much hoarfrost, mind you the relative humidity has at it 's lowestr been 84% since Dec. first and last night was clear as a bell with the full moon but the humidity was 100%.   This afternoon the wind came up for a few minutes and poof it was all on the ground. Instant snow storm which lasted perhaps 2 minutes.

Had a fantastic walk in the bush by moonlight last night, it's a strange world up here at night. The coyotes were simply wild in their warnings, perhaps a Cougar or a bear was on the hunt. I will have to take a walk in the next few days to see what all of the fuss was about.

If it's a bear perhaps I could stake Sky to a tree, maybe draw him or her in nice and close, yuh know so's that I could get some really nice close up pics of some of the things not to do when there are bears about. Letting someone tie you to a tree would be one that springs to mind.


Skye said...

You wouldn't dare!

Great pics by the way!

Penny said...

The last 3 are my favourites.

Snow, snow and more snow.......

"Had a fantastic walk in the bush by moonlight last night, it's a strange world up here at night. The coyotes were simply wild in their warnings, perhaps a Cougar or a bear was on the hunt."

Or as bambi's mother would say-
man is in the forest

maybe that is why the animals were in an uproar so to speak.

Penny said...

just curious, have your dogs ever come face to face with any of the wild critters and how did that go.

was talking to someone who mentioned there little dog, had run into two beavers, jack russel terrier, and these beavers were big.(Along a nearby river bank)
I guess the dog barked and carried on, but, the pet owner figures if it came right down to it. The beavers would have clobbered the dog.
I don't know, but that is his story anyway, which made me think of your dogs and all the wild ones in the bush there?
Ever been any incidents?

the Silverfish said...

Oh my goodness Pen, yes there have been encounters, far to many to count. Some were funny and some not so much. I imagine I could wright a book about some of the adventures that the dogs and myself had had with some of the creatures that we share this little part of planet earth with.

By far the most frequent encounters have been with skunks,
porcupines (not funny ever), squirrels, chipmunks and ducks. Did I mention skunks? lots of skunks.

Then of course there are always the Coyotes and the wolves. Both have learned to give the Nest a very wide berth but they do howl down in the valley and that just drive my hounds wild.

john said...

Lovely photos Silverfish. ha ha it looks so cold! The odd thing about taking photos in the winter and the snow is that the sensation of cold doesn't really come out in the photos and because it is sunny it just looks like it could be warm, it really isn't though.

That blue sky in photo seven is just stunning. I really like the last one the most I think. Also the close up one of the frost is interesting. Nice one Silverfish, they are looking really good. It's nice to see a bit of blue sky.

Penny said...

well silv, we trekked down to find the beavers from the beaver lodge(the ones our neighbours dog had the meet and greet with)

It was a longer walk then I had realized.

But, worth it.

Though we saw no beavers and the lodge was snow covered, signs of beaver life were obvious.

I mean, the gnawed trees!
One was a foot in diameter.
Down on the banks.
Other smaller stumps, gnawed into pencil like forms, without the lead.

Apparently, beavers are nocturnal, so, now we got figure out a way to sneak a peak at them, if we can?
Apparently adults can weight up to 40 lbs, and from the height of the gnawing, I would say this crew was better then two feet tall.

Pretty interesting stuff!

Penny said...

thought I might see some raptor pictures.....

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