Sunday, February 21, 2010

Skye the Kid and the Mut out for a Sunday slide

It's nice to be able to go for a slide esp. when it's only 100 meters from home, no need really to pack a lunch or a wine skin full of Scotch. 

The Swallows Nest would be just above and to the right of Lucifer's head in the above pic. I suppose I could have said the dogs head but then you wouldn't have known which one I was referring to Huh.

Isn't it amazing how the snow takes on the form of huge waves suspended in time?


Penny said...

that looks like a lot of fun!

That one picture, looks as if the dog is going to push skye down the hill (just the way the dog is behind skye)

the Silverfish said...

the fact is Penn Lucifer did go down the slope right after Skye and the kid. He's the only dog that I know that love downhill snow sliding. He has one hell of a time.

john said...

It does look like a wave Silverfish. Is that the way the wind blows it or does it break on the edge? A really good slide by the look of it. What nice snow you have there.

No snow down here but plenty of dark days with rain and a very cold wind. We're having a long winter this year without much sun.

I was out walking at Hawkerland yesterday, mostly an open heath and in 2 hours of walking I didn't see a single person or a car on any lane, I think most people just give up going out in this weather but I like a bit of peace and quiet even if it is cold.

Cheers for now and thanks for the photos

the Silverfish said...

Hey John, the wave is just an overhang, the prevailing winds are from the north and just keep blowing the snow over the edge of the valley and some of it just sticks there. The waves that you see are actually about 30 feet out from the edge, the oak trees that you can see up on top are actually right on the edge so walking out takes some knowledge as to where the snow outcrops start and where they end, it's not a pleasant experience to ride one down should it decide to let go, I have seen oak trees two foot at the base snapped off clean by some of these brutes.

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