Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For a Limited time only, Click for Your very own FREE CAT SCAN some limitations apply

Penny  listen to Dr. Fish and follow instructions exactly, (or it just ain't gonna work)

Now gaze intently into the Scanner all the while probing your navel with your left pinky finger(this is important) and repeat the words

I WILL RELAX, I WILL RELAX ,I WILL RELAX, and let nature take it's course. 

Now don't You feel better already?

Who says us Dr.'s don't make House Cat calls? Hummmmm 

This medical convenience brought to you buy the Bird Brained Research Team at Swallow's Nest Inc.

Striving for a better yesterday by looking at tomorrow through 20/20 hindsight.

Want a second opinion? repeat step one.


Skye said...

Thanks for the cat scan Dr. Fish. Now can you tell me the results please?

my confirm word seems most appropriate here, it's "zoeyes"

Penny said...

hey silverfish

i looked into the 'cat scan' and then had a panic attack.

It seemed a giant black panther looked back at me, baring his teeth, licking his lips, looking at me very much like LUNCH.

I freaked!!!

thanks alot for that one eh?

"winky thing"

my word is subisol, I will now contemplate my navel for further instructions

the Silverfish said...

Oh shucks darn Penny that was jus little ole me staring back at Yuh.
Besides I always eat a few children before a scan, Yuh know to waylay the urge.

Penny said...

To waylay the urge to what?
Catscan more people?

I called today to see if I could get my results, no luck, this was the first day back, of course the office was swamped.

Question, are Catherine and Alexander still around?
I was thinking about them, because last week, I went off to feed my chickadees, black-cap chickadees.
well they do not attack at all.
they are soo tiny and cute, and just eat out of your hands
but it made me think of your owls'
so are they around and well?

the Silverfish said...

Sadly Pen they are no longer with me. Some kids from town thought that it would be fun to wander around in MY valley and do some bird shooting. I found the remains of my friends and took them home.

This is one of the reasons my dogs now patrol my land. Almost without exception what is done with trespassers is up to their discretion.

Needless to say word gets around and very few trespass.

The signs read "Trespass at your own risk, dogs Will attack".

Penny said...

oh silverfish, I am so sorry to read that, I truly am.

Such beautiful birds....

Dam, as my husband would say "the little bastards"

Penny said...

hey silverfish

hubby wants to know if you caught the "bastards"
knew he would say that.

He says had he caught them, they would have had a really sore head from the whacking with their own weapons, and a good swift and hard kick in the ass.

Hell, he would have kept the guns likely.

He is into that kind of vigilante justice.

Do the dogs actually attack people?
Have they, that you know of?

I don't know why I want to know, but, I just do.

I thought about those owls all day yesterday.
It pissed me off, because I have only seen an owl, one time.
Just once.
It was huge.
It was in a stand of pines.
I guess that is why it bugs me, they are so scarce, (to me anyway) that they are precious, does that make sense?

the Silverfish said...

Perhaps I should put in a post of just what it takes to train Great Danes to do Guard duty, not to mention a Doberman, and yes they will attack and they will kill.
Dam it Damn near killed me to train them.
The signs read clear enough and my land is declared a wilde life refuge the police seem to turn a blind eye to anything untowards that might happen there.

And yes I found the little darlings, they have not nor shall they ever be back even though they live not two miles from me. The deal is if I ever see them again they are dead no questions.

nobody said...

Sorry Silv,

I've been popping in and had failed to notice that this conversation was running. What a fucked up ending to that story. Killing owls. Fucking hell.

Irrespective of whatever, I hope you did their heads in mate. An earthquake for their minds.

Penny said...

Oh silv, I didn't really mean, you were a joker.

I was just jokin'

I do hope you are not offended.

It was just when this all happened, I had no idea it was going to be like this, none, zero, zip, zilch.

You know what I mean?

I thought a bump on the head, a couple of rough nights. Done.

I could not have been more wrong, and you could not have been more right.

Me, humbly eating crow.

I simply truly had no idea, what damage I had wrought on myself.

If I offended accept my apology, for not even unintentionally would I wanted to have offended you.

You have been most helpful to me.
Probably more then you will ever really know.
You have helped me to keep a perspective on things, and that is something I need.
As my doctor is not so good at that.

the Silverfish said...

You have been most helpful to me.
Probably more then you will ever really know.
You have helped me to keep a perspective on things, and that is something I need.
As my doctor is not so good at that.

Penny you simply would not believe how many times I have heard that exact same statement. It always warmes me heart though no matter how often I hear it.

Now all I have to do is figure out a way to charge for my advice.

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