Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Did what I love to do

 I just Love to cook for friends.I started the meal with a complete salad consisting of Romane lettuce, raw mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, pickles, red kidney beans, croutons, carrots, celery, hard boiled egg, and cheese, all topped with my favorite dressing.
The meal consisted of Buffalo steaks done medium rare, large fresh water shrimp basted in butter and grilled, steamed Broccoli, Mushroom caps filled with clarified butter sprinkled with paprika and grilled, and of course baked potato served with clarified butter and sour cream. This served alongside individual chafing dishes of boiling clarified butter for dipping all of the above mentioned.  

Plus of course a good bottle of Argentinean Shiraz and after dinner coffee with Amaretto.  

All toll a pretty decent lunch, if I do say so meself.

On a side note this was done at Skye's, it's at home at the Swallow's Nest that I really like to go crazy with cooking, then it's an all out food fest with no holds barred.


nobody said...

Such cruelty! I'd read that Obama shutting down Guantanamo was just a fig leaf and the torture was going to continue. And here's the proof!

Anyway, if there's any left over, whack it in a doggy bag, and send it to me. I'm sure my mouth will still be watering when it gets here in six weeks or so.

Today's word - 'imships'. The spookiness continues...

Skye said...

That meal was utterly sinsful Silv! But I did notice that you forgot to mention the fresh baked French Bread which you made a wonderful cracked pepper garlic butter for! Your garlic bread is the best, ya know.

I have to agree with Nobody here, the torture is horrible! You have no idea how badly I want a repeat of that meal. I wish I hadn't gotten so full, I could have happily continued to eat till I exploded.

the Silverfish said...

Neener neener neener, an just think, I cook like this ALL the time.
I didn't post a pic of the finished meal cuz like I didn't think Yuh could take it. Again I say "neener neener neener".(Humpf snork)

Oh and Nobody, I tried sending some leftovers yer way, via Hotmail yet, Yuh know so that it would get to Yuh all smoochie kissy good, problem was I couldn't get the plate into the floppy drive slot. Oh well.

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